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Newbie to Shooting

Things to do before you come to the range

1) Know and understand basic firearm safety.

2) Read your manual, know how your gun works and how to operate it PRIOR to coming to the range.

3) Review and be versed with our range safety rules. They are available on the safety rules tab above.


NOTE: These videos are general references only. It is your responsibility to know, understand and follow our range rules and procedures

Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette

The Universal Firearm Safety Rules

How to Grip a Pistol: The How and Why

Sight Alignment & Sight Picture

Rules for Safe Firearm Handling - Handgun 101

How to Determine Your Dominant Eye: Aiming a Pistol - Handgun 101

How To Properly Grip A Semi-Auto Pistol - Handgun 101

How to Load Bolt-action Vs. Magazine Fed MSRs - Rifle 101

Understanding Rifle Sights and Optics - Rifle 101

Shotgun Stance and Mount - Shotgun 101

How to Aim a Shotgun - Shotgun 101

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