LARGC Style Guide

Let’s establish consistent style throughout our publications.

Everything is negotiable, but please include your reasons where appropriate.

Use of Certain Terms

  • cease fire”—reference to break not in quotes; use quotes for reference to what is called
  • down range—not “downrange”
  • guns—includes firearms and air guns; do not use “weapon” (guns are tools), preferred over “arms” (black powder rules); device that propels a projectile
    • firearms—includes handguns and long guns; use explosive charge to propel projectile
    • handguns—includes semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, and may include air guns that may be fired using a single hand
    • long guns—includes rifles and shotguns
  • misfire—define as “failure to fire” or “refusal to discharge”?
  • projectile or bullet? or projectile for black powder only?
  • shooter—preferred; assume all customers, guests, etc. will be shooting
    • new shooter—an inexperienced shooter, not a new admission to the range
  • shooting station—not “bench”, which may cause confusion with the white bench seats at the white safety line
  • range—use “the Range” instead of “we”; “down range”; “here” instead of “at this property” or “at this facility”
  • Range Master—the Range Master, not “rangemaster”
  • Range Safety Officer

ejection or EXPULSION?


In the Range Safety Rules, capitalize leading terms ALWAYS and NEVER (preferred over “DO NOT”). Note that it is preferable to describe what people should do (“ALWAYS…”) rather than leaving them guessing by stating what they should not do (“NEVER…”).

LARGC—preferred abbreviation

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